Unsweetened date jam

A super simple recipe proposal, very fast to prepare and very healthy. It is perfect for those toasts first thing in the morning or to sweeten yogurts, nut creams, cakes.


  • 20 units Dates with no added sugar
  • Boiling water what is required according to your taste, 6.7oz approximately

date jam


First of all, we must remove the pit from the dates. With patience and one by one. Place them in a tall bowl and reserve.

Boil two large glasses of water and pour it into the bowl with the dates. Let stand for at least an hour. The purpose of this process is for the dates to hydrate and soften.

Drain the dates and add them to the blender or food processor glass and crush it. As we are grinding we can add one or two tablespoons of the water in which the dates have been soaked. It is important to add it very little by little so that it can be integrated very well.

Beat until we have a homogeneous mixture and store it in a glass jar. The best option, like all jams, is to keep it in the fridge.

how to make dates jam