About Us

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Orchid Dates was established in 2010 by a third generation date grower in Coachella, California. The idea behind Orchid Dates is very simple, to provide the consumers with the best Medjool Dates available at reasonable costs.

In order to accomplish the task of producing good quality dates at low cost, we have eliminated all middle men and adopted a hands on approach in all aspect of the operation from growing to shipping. We have streamlined the processing to eliminate unnecessary steps to preserve the natural taste and appearance of the Medjool Dates and also to keep the costs as low as possible.

Our packing facility uses the latest USDA approved food grade machinery for processing our dates. We use no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial materials, giving you the best, all natural Medjool Dates.

Our Soft Medjool Dates are fresh, moist, and sweet, honey like flavor that just melts in your mouth. They are a super meaty date with a small pit.


This succulent version of the Medjool will delight your senses with a fudgy, caramel- flavored pulp, so exquisitely soft and chewy.

Perishable Item Policy:

Fresh harvested dates are perishable. All sales are final and non-refundable.