Our Premium California Dates

Orchid Dates offers a premium selection of the finest dates, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Our exquisite variety includes Medjool Dates, known for their large size and rich caramel-like flavor; Barhi Dates, celebrated for their sweet, honey-like taste and crisp texture.Each type of date is carefully sourced and harvested at peak ripeness to ensure optimal quality and freshness. Whether enjoyed as a healthy snack, used in culinary creations, or given as a thoughtful gift, Orchid Dates provide an unparalleled taste experience.

Medjool Dates (4lbs) Jumbo

Medjool Dates (4lbs) Large

Barhi Dates

Our Premium Imported Dates (Packs and imports)

Orchid Dates imports a premium selection of dates directly from Saudi Arabia
and Algeria, offering Al Madina Khudri Dates, Ajwa Al Madina Dates, Sukkary Dry
Al Madina Dates, Sukkary soft Al Madina Dates, Safawi Al Madina Dates, and
Deglet Noor Dates. Our dates are carefully sourced from the finest orchards and
packed to ensure optimal freshness and quality. Each variety
provides a unique flavor and texture, from the rich Ajwa and Sukkary
Dates to the sweet and chewy Khudri and Safawi Dates, and the delicately sweet
Deglet Noor Dates. Orchid Dates is dedicated to delivering the best of both
worlds, combining international quality with meticulous American packaging

Safawi Al Madina Dates (2lbs)

Ajwa Al Madina Dates (400gm)

Al Madina Dates (2lbs)

Sukkary Soft Al Madina Dates (1kg)

Sukkary Dry Al Madina Dates (1kg)

Deglet Noor with branches (2lbs)

Deglet Noor with branches

Pitted Deglet Noor (24Oz)